Board Social Media Guide

Social media is a powerful tool that has the potential to promote your organization and your mission to more people. While social media provides a convenient vehicle to deliver your organization's message and mission, it does still take strategy, planning, and teamwork to make sure your messages are seen by the right people at the right time. One of the easiest ways to make your social media content more powerful is to recruit Social Media Champions who will like, share, and post their own content on behalf of your organization.

When you post something on social media, it is only seen by those who already subscribe to your organization. However, when someone other than your organization interacts with that content, or creates and shares content of their own - your reach can expand exponentially! Your board members should be passionate about your mission and excited to help you promote your organization. Using these tips and sample messages, your board members can help you have an even greater impact on your campaigns and fundraising initiatives! 

Tip #1

Share the story of why this organization matters to you and why you are passionate about their mission. People respond better to someone’s personal experience than a generic ask. Pull at their heartstrings and show them why this is a cause worth caring about.

Tip #2

Put your money where your mouth is! If you are already planning on donating to your organization during a particular campaign, consider setting some of that money aside to motivate your network to take part in the fun. Offer to donate $5 for every share one of your social media posts gets - or for every new donor that makes a donation! Get creative and have fun!

Tip #3

Whenever the organization you are supporting posts content on their social media page, you can help to make that post go the extra mile by liking it or sharing it with your own friends. This is a quick and easy way to make sure more people are seeing those messages and learning how they can support their mission.

Tip #4

Collaborate with other Social Media Champions! Interacting with other board members or supporters on social media can be a great way to have an organic conversation about your organization that also promotes your cause!

Tip #5

Set a weekly quota for yourself to make sure that you’re staying connected and helping your organization reach their goals during a campaign. Our team of fundraising experts recommends at least one original post every week as well as several likes and shares to make sure that you are consistently spreading the word throughout the campaign! 

Tip #6

Don’t forget to use #hashtags in your posts! Hashtags are a great way to be a part of the conversation and get your message out there to more people. Using #hashtags that represent your cause (like #animals #literacy or #hunger) is the perfect way to engage with more people throughout the great social network!

Sample Social Media Posts


  • Follow [@ ORG NAME] on twitter for live updates throughout [CAMPAIGN NAME].
  • I am proud to support [@ ORG NAME] to help them make a difference in [# ORG'S REGION]! 
  • Do you care about [CAUSE]? Support [@ORG NAME] today by visiting [LINK TO YEAR ROUND GIVING PROFILE].
  • I can’t wait to support [@ ORG NAME] during their campaign for [# CAUSE]. Will you join me in making a difference?
  • Help [@ ORG NAME] reach their goal of [GOAL] by making your gift today! [LINK TO YEAR ROUND GIVING PROFILE]


  • I am proud to support [ORG NAME] in an effort to raise awareness for [YOUR CAUSE/MISSION] and make a positive impact on [ORGANIZATION'S REGION]. Join me in making a difference today! 
  • Have you liked [ORG NAME] on Facebook yet? If you haven’t you’re missing out! With [CAMPAIGN NAME] right around the corner you’ll want to check out their page to see the impact supporters will have on [CAUSE/MISSION] and our community.
  • Friends, will you join me in supporting [ORG NAME]? Every dollar makes a difference in [MISSION/CAUSE]. Help me and [ORG NAME] make [ORG'S REGION] a better place!
  • Wow! [ORG NAME] has already raised [X AMOUNT] during [CAMPAIGN NAME]! With only [X AMOUNT OF HOURS/DAYS] left - will you help them reach [# OF DONORS GOAL/AMOUNT RAISED GOAL] by [CAMPAIGN END DATE]? Every contribution today has a direct impact on [CAUSE/MISSION]!