Communications Guide

Communications for year-round fundraising are cyclical in nature. You'll want to be reaching out to the community for support year-round to bring in new donors. Meanwhile, your existing donors need to be stewarded so that you retain those supporters. 

Consider the following questions with your team to ensure your year-round communications will be effective!

How will you share your OC Nonprofit Central profile with various supporters and audiences? 
We would recommend sharing your OC Nonprofit Central profile as soon as it's published! Include your profile link in your newsletter, on your website, and on social media to get the word out! 

Who is responsible for sending out communications?
Some organizations have a specified staff member to send out communications to supporters; others may not. Decide early on who will be responsible for this important task in the fundraising and stewarding process. Communications include newsletters, thank you messages, and social media updates.

How will you alert donors that they can make a recurring gift?
Be sure to communicate with your donors that they have the opportunity to make a gift recurring to your organization! This will allow for a lengthened relationship between you and your donor, and your organization's goals. Within your communications, the key is to update these generous supporters on the positive impact their recurring donation has on your organization's goals.

Who will follow up with your donors to thank them?
GiveGab immediately sends an automatic thank you message to donors right after they donate! But, why stop there? We encourage you to follow up and send them additional thank you messages to ensure that they feel the impact of their giving.

  • Consider highlighting the specific program or group that their funds will directly support. Donors love to see the tangible and very real effects of their donation. Consider using images to help further illustrate the impact your donors made with their generous support.

Who will continue to steward those donors?
We suggest segmenting your donor base so that you can more effectively and personally reach out to them! If a donor contributed to a specific program, update them throughout the year with images that directly relate to what their funds were used for. Donors are much more likely to donate again if they understand, feel, and see the positive impact their previous donation had.