Required Profile Fields

In order to have an approved profile on Nonprofit Central, there are some key required fields that you need to be sure you complete.


  • Mission Statement
  • Background Statement
  • Impact Statement
  • Needs Statement
  • Top Three Populations Served [select at least 1 and no more than 3]


Please keep in mind that you must input at least 1 program, and are limited to inputting a maximum of 5 programs.

  • Program Name
  • Program Budget
  • Program Description
  • Program Outcomes


  • CEO/Executive Director Name
  • CEO/Executive Director Demographics
  • Number of staff (0 is a valid value)
    • Full-time
    • Part-time
    • Volunteers
    • Contract


  • Board Chair Name
  • Board Member Names
  • Board Demographics - Ethnicity and Gender
    • Ensure Ethnicity and Gender Demographic totals match number of board members listed.


  • Current Fiscal Year Start and End Dates (Month, Day and Year)
  • Current Year Income Projection
  • Current Year Expense Projection
  • IRS Tax Form for last three year’s financial history (990 without Schedule B), 990EZ or 990N. If you complete a 990N, are fiscally sponsored, are a local chapter of a national organization, or are not required to file a 990, you will need to fill out the OCCF financial input template showing your financial history for the last three years (email to request one). If you are exempt from filing a 990, upload a document for each year on your letterhead stating that you are not required to file a 990 and include the reason for the exemption (church, school, etc.).
  • Does your organization file an IRS Form 990, 990EZ or 990N?

More Details

  • Year of Incorporation
  • Tax ID
  • Organization's type of tax exempt status